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The Great British Public: As Stuck-Up As The World Thinks

For a period of one week, I worked as a street fundraiser for a company on behalf of a charity. This solitary week of my life where I decided to apply my passion to do something good opened my eyes to a reality that many people brush off. The British public are genuinely rude, obnoxious […]

The American (Apparel) World View

The American (Apparel) World View. I always laughed when people said they had an issue with the way American Apparel advertise. The overly skinny girls who are more than happy to get their nipples out for a modelling job with one of the world’s more exclusive brands. And not exclusive in the way Louis Vuitton […]

Inspiring My Generation

For the last three months I have heard three words, one phrase, that will stick in my head probably for the rest of my life. Inspire a generation. 2012 was when the world had its eyes on my city. My hometown was electric and you could feel it everywhere. From signs on railings to the […]