The selfishness of the human being is becoming increasingly prominent with each passing year. Mostly I draw upon my experiences on the London Underground to reach this conclusion. I’m noticing that people do not allow others to leave the train first before boarding, pushing exiting mothers off balance so that they can get their prime […]

The rain usually clears my mind. I’m on the train. We’ve been running away from this black cloud for the whole commute.  Home station. Not home station. Unnecessary cancellations mean I have a mile and a half to walk home. The station for me to get off. The sky is black. I’m silently praying that […]

For a period of one week, I worked as a street fundraiser for a company on behalf of a charity. This solitary week of my life where I decided to apply my passion to do something good opened my eyes to a reality that many people brush off. The British public are genuinely rude, obnoxious […]

The American (Apparel) World View. I always laughed when people said they had an issue with the way American Apparel advertise. The overly skinny girls who are more than happy to get their nipples out for a modelling job with one of the world’s more exclusive brands. And not exclusive in the way Louis Vuitton […]

For the last three months I have heard three words, one phrase, that will stick in my head probably for the rest of my life. Inspire a generation. 2012 was when the world had its eyes on my city. My hometown was electric and you could feel it everywhere. From signs on railings to the […]